Storytelling photographer & photojournalist PEI - Ben Russell

Award winning storytelling photographer and photojournalist – Ben Russell
with daughter Beatrix


Storytelling photography PEI

Born in the urban South of England, raised in the rural North and currently lives in Prince Edward Island, Canada, along with his wonderful wife Lucy and beautiful new daughter Beatrix.

For several years I enjoyed a diverse career as a photojournalist journeying across the UK to photograph people ‘in the news’ including politicians, athletes and everyday men and women who’d had interesting experiences and stories to tell.

Capturing and telling visual stories is my passion. I think the ease of producing and sharing of digital images in the information age has led to the demise of photographic storytelling in favour of a generalised and sensational style of curated aesthetics.

I endeavour to reinvent lost photojournalistic ethics that have been suffocated by todays democratisation of digital imagery – as to better understand the who, what and why of my subjects in delivering meaningful and long standing memories or impressions of your visual story.

I specialise in weddings, family, portraits / headshots, product and advertising photography with an informative, creative and entertaining approach to storytelling.