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Midtown Auto Tire & Repair

Midtown Auto Tire & Repair

Mechanics are the surgeons of vehicles and have been fixing our cars for over a century. Midtown Auto Tire & Repair are a small team of dedicated mechanics based in Charlottetown, PEI. This visual story reveals what goes on in the background at their garage to get your poorly car up and running again…

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McGregor & Currie Jewelry Photography

McGregor & Currie Jewelry

In a world where our memories can be conveniently digitized and documented through the guise of social media, McGregor & Currie turn back to our analog instincts by forging tangible symbols from your favourite places into beautiful jewelry.

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Lazio – Of Cardinal Cadence


Veneto – A Dominante Domain


Firenze – Medicine for Modernity

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MRSB Group Photoshoot – 21 Top Hats


In July 2014, as Charlottetown celebrates the 150th anniversary of the Charlottetown Conference, the team at MRSB Group decided to take part in 21 Top Hats. This fun project was started by PEI’s Lieutenant Governor, who invited the public to recreate the famous 1864 photograph of the Fathers of Confederation at Government House. Posed in the exact spot where the original was taken, the team tried to stay in character – and keep straight faces – as I captured this ‘historic’ shot.

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